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Welcome to Vancouver Lash Extensions! We are a Vancouver based Lash Extension service and training academy, located in downtown Vancouver. Professional Lash Extensions applied by our Certified Advanced Specialist with over five years of experience in the lash industry. We also offer Lash Extension courses through our Academy.

With a background of education and experience in Marketing and Fashion, Danielle has an exquisite attention to detail that has created a unique reputation in the lash industry.  Establishing her signature style in Vancouver, she shares her passion for lashes  by making people feel luxurious and look glamorous. We strive to provide our clients with the best quality lashes, service and pricing in Vancouver.

 Our wonderful clients and students are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us!
Honestly best teacher 🙂
Vancouver Lash Academy is an amazing 2 day course. I would highly recommend!!! Danielle is actually amazing. Shes so sweet and lovely and always ensure that her students are doing well. She wants to see her students succeed so I highly recommend taking her class. Its a hands on intensive course but its super fun I promise. You learn so much and Danielle takes such good care of you too. Im so thankful for her course she’s honestly and amazing teacher 11/10 highly recommend. – Clarissa

I recently completed the Lash Academy with Danielle and she was an amazing instructor. I learned so much and feel very confident and comfortable applying lashes. I love that there is so much hands on training and Danielle really works one-on-one to teach you how to correctly isolate and apply lashes. I would highly recommend taking this class! – Tiffany

Danielle was thorough and provided us great material on theory and practice. She provided us with a comfortable work space in her studio home. She was super approachable and nice! She was able to answer all the questions that we had. We appreciate the models/clients provided for us to practice on. The hands-on experience was very valuable in this course. Overall, it was a nice experience and feel comfortable applying a full classic set by the end of the program. Thank you so much for being patient, supportive and guiding us through this experience! – Mabel & Alvina
First I’d like to thank you for being my mentor, you were an absolutely amazing teacher and I’ve learned so much during the course. I am glad I chose your course  instead of other companies, you were very patient and informative. Having the chance to work on 4 clients extremely helpful, the first client I was still very nervous but by the last client I was confident enough to do the whole set and was not shaking anymore. All thanks to your patience and dedications to your students, not only that but you were super nice and got me lunch everyday. I had so much fun on those 2 days and was sad to realize it was over. I highly recommend Danielle lash extension course to anyone looking to learn, you will not be disappointed – Vivian

I would highly recommend the 2-day extensive Lash Extension course with Danielle. She was such an informative teacher and is super helpful along the way. She is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and is very patient with her students. I had such a great time learning from her as she made it very comfortable and let me go at my own pace. I really like how the class is more one-on-one versus other programs I had researched about prior to taking Danielle’s class that have more students in them. Also, working on 4 different models really helped me master the technique of applying lashes in a way that protects the clients natural lashes and of course isolating correctly! She is always available for questions and willing to help you as much as she can! Again, I would highly recommend her program to anyone looking to advance their career in applying lashes! Thanks Danielle, I feel super comfortable and can’t wait to launch my career as a Certified Lash Artist – Parm

 After taking Vancouver lash academy’s classic lash class I am confident and well informed on how to do classic eyelash extensions.  Danielle teaches valuable skills you need to pursue a career in lashing ! She is very informative, and patient. The ongoing support she provides to her students even after completion of the program is unconditional and very useful for students who are just beginning their own lashing business ! I highly reccommend this intensive two day class that not only teaches the techniques and skill set you need but also marketing of services. 
Thank you for everything Danielle! – Tanya
  I finished the lash academy over the weekend and I am left feeling confident and motivated to start my own career in the lash industry. If you are a hands on learner this course is perfect, you are provided with first hand experience working on clients and get to see the end result of your own work. Its such a rewarding experience and I am so glad I did it! Danielle is very friendly and accommodating, she really knows what she’s doing. Overall, I am so glad I did this. – Tyra
Danielle, thank you for the training for the last two days! I’ve learnt so much and became so much more confident to do lashes under your great supervision. I got a lot more out of the course than I expected, not only did I learn how to properly apply lashes, but I also learnt how to make beginner volume fans! I really love the small class sizes and how focused you were in helping us and checking the work constantly! And thank you for providing the models, I’m so happy that they all loved their lashes! I’m so glad so I decided to take the course with Vancouverlashextensions Academy! ❤
 I recently graduated from Vancouver Lash Extensions Academy and had a wonderful experience feeling very comfortable working and and learning from Danielle. She is a very talented and skilled lash artist who is an amazing teacher. I left feeling very confident and pleased in the work She had taught me!!!:) – Jamayah

WOW, this girl is amaaaazin in what she does! I did It before somewhere else but was never really happy with the results or services. I thought I give it a try for one more time and I found Danielle, she did a perfect job! She is so sweet, professional and the way she works is so clean and everything in perfection! She listens to what you want and based on that you can decide what style you want. I love that kind of attitude! This is how you create returning customers! Each customer is unique and Danielle gets that! I recommend her to everybody and yes her prices are awesome compared with other ridiculous places in Vancouver!! – Eilnaz

I am extremely happy with how my lashes turned out. This is by far the best i’ve ever had done because they are so full and beautiful yet they feel really lightweight and natural. It looks as if I have false lashes on and I don’t even need to wear eyeliner like I usually do because it looks like my make-up is fully done when I wake up. Danielle is the sweetest lady ever and I would highly recommend her to anyone. – Laura

First time getting them done with Danielle yesterday and I’m extremely happy with the way they turned out! The style of my lashes are to D-I-E for, seriously!!! Who wouldn’t want to flaunt these Russian dramatic baabys? Lol I will keep coming back for more! Also, Danielle is super sweet & down to earth. – Danica

Great selection of high quality lashes and products available. Very convenient downtown Vancouver location. Danielle is knowledgeable, professional and stands behind her work. A big plus is that she is available at almost any time so I do not have to work around salon hours but am able to go at my convenience. This appointment was a great way to spend a couple of hours and not just part of a routine beauty ritual. You will not be disappointed! – Sheila

Always love my lashes and feel relaxed and comfortable every time Danielle works on them. Always get compliments. If your looking for precise, amazing and fast work look no further!! It’s safe to say I’m addicted.. – Casey

Loved meeting such a multi talented lady. Danielle is not only brilliant at applying beautiful quality lashes but she is also an amazing teacher. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I encourage anyone to go see her! Good price great quality and DT! You can’t go wrong! Besos girl. – Lauren

Daniella, thank you so much for this amazing weekend. You are a great girl and a very professional teacher of eyelash extensions. You are so cooperative and patient, I enjoyed being spoiled from you. – Ramona

Danielle does an outstanding job, her quality, work ethic, personality, services are amazing ! I didn’t know quality or good service till I went to Danielle ! Thank you Danielle for my pretty lashes ! I am so thankful & blessed to have met such an amazing lash girl ! – Stephanie

thank you so much for the amazing work you have done on my lashes. You are truly talented and passionate about the work you do. I’m officially ready for mY vacation tomorrow. Thank you once again babe!!!!! – May

Amazing, she really fits the lashes to suit your face and style. Very happy with the end result. – Jen

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